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Philosophy and Sci-Fi

The Man Who Folded Himself by David Gerrold

Introduction by Robert J. Sawyer
Afterword by philosopher Geoffrey Klempner

David Gerrold - The Man Who Folded Himself

From the BenBella Books web site:

Nominated for Hugo and Nebula awards.

"Everything you ever wanted to know about time travel"
— Larry Niven

"widely imaginative and mindbending"
— Publisher's Weekly

— The Independent (London)

The Man Who Folded Himself, by renowned science fiction author David Gerrold, has been a classic almost from the moment of its publication. This work is considered by many to be the 'ultimate time travel novel'.

Hugo and Nebula winning author David Gerrold is the author of science fiction classics The Man Who Folded Himself and When HARLIE Was One (both nominated for Hugo and Nebula awards), and the immensely popular Star Wolf and Chtorr series. His new Star Wolf novel, Blood and Fire, will be published in winter 2003. David Gerrold can be found at www.gerrold.com.


Geoffrey Klempner's Afterword to David Gerrold's sci-fi novel The Man Who Folded Himself can be found in Philosophy Pathways Issue 41 and also on the Wood Paths web site.

For more philosophy and science fiction, see Pathways Program A Introduction to Philosophy The Possible World Machine. Eight illustrated science fiction stories from Program A can be found at the Possible World Machine web site.

Geoffrey Klempner

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